Hoi, ik ben Dian.
I am a creative professional. This mostly means that I am human, because all human beings create. The difference is that I studied design and the creative arts and made visual communication my profession.
I am currently the Creative Lead at Paytec in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where I am responsible for the UI/UX design of their apps, as well as brand management and visual communication design. Previously I managed and directed the visual communication output of the design studio I founded in 2007, Sunflood, much of which I designed myself. Before that I was a lecturer in graphic design at the North-West University. Self-initiated creative output, like illustration, painting, cartoons and the like, is posted on Instagram under the moniker Mind the Shadow.
As a senior visual designer I have more than 12 years' experience in a variety of design contexts. Having managed my own design studio for more than a decade I am comfortable with managing a team of designers and directing their creative output. I have worked with multinational companies, small startups and everything in-between—in industries like fintech, logistics, hospitality, retail and even applied neuroscience—conceptualising and designing everything from brands, corporate identities, communication material, marketing collateral and the UI/UX of digital products. I have both broad and deep knowledge of visual design.

I'm skilled at intricate UI design and optimising the user's experience. I'm good at creating design systems and applying them consistently. I can write for UX and I am good at taking work (visual design/communication) from good to great. I have empathy for the user and my teammates—I am in touch with the humanity of design.

I love creative problem-solving and making things better. I get excited about software that improves users' lives and getting the details right. I admire real innovation that is the product of the ingenuity of people that create.

I am joining the product team of Shypple in Rotterdam as Senior UX Designer in May 2021. They are an innovative scaleup with a diverse company culture where I'll be involved with user research, stakeholder workshops and UX design. I look forward to this exciting new chapter in my creative career. 
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Thanks for reading and stay safe!
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